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Static Transfer Switches

LayerZero Power Systems designs and manufactures Web-Enabled Static Transfer Switches (eSTS) from sizes ranging from 150 Amps to 4000 Amps. LayerZero Static Transfer Switches are the most robust, reliable, and technologically-advanced Static Transfer systems available, integrating Triple Modular Redundancy, Power Quality Monitoring, Remote Connectivity, Dynamic Phase Compensation, in a convection-cooled, safe-to-maintain design.

Providing an automatic and seamless transfer of the critical load, LayerZero Static Transfer Switches keep the power in critical data processing operations always-on. The eSTS Static Transfer Switch transfers power between two or three sources in less than a quarter electrical cycle, maintaining continuity for the critical load from lapses that may be as short as a few electrical cycles long. eSTS protects data centers, mission critical applications, and even entire buildings.

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The LayerZero eSTS requires two or three input power sources (Preferred Source + Secondary Source) and outputs one power source. Made to protect mission-critical applications, eSTS is the last line of defence against power outages. eSTS monitors the power quality, and if a source goes out of specification, eSTS automatically transfers from the Preferred to the Secondary source. LayerZero Static Transfer Switch products are power transfer switches designed to transfer power between multiple sources without interrupting the critical load. LayerZero's eSTS Static Transfer Switch requires no moving parts, and utilizes Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs) to transfer between sources. Transfers are very fast, less than 1/4 of an electrical cycle.

Static Transfer Switch

eSTS Eliminates Transformer Inrush

Static Transfer Switch Inrush Migitation

Inrush current refers to the instantaneous input current drawn by an electrical device when devices are first turned on. To avoid inrush, facilities have traditionally synchronized the frequency and speed of connected sources, so that sources can be exchanged as long as the timing of sources is in synchronization. LayerZero Static Transfer Switches have a patented technology that automatically compensates for differences in phases between sources, eliminating downstream transformer inrush from out-of-phase transfers.  If the preferred and secondary sources are out-of-phase, eSTS Dynamic Phase Compensation will wait for the perfect moment to transfer, mitigating transformer inrush and increasing power reliability.

eSTS Is Designed To Maximize Operator Safety

IR Portholes in Static Transfer Switch

LayerZero Static Transfer Switches are equipped with InSight IR™ Portholes for safe thermal scanning. The dead-front doors do not have to be open to thermal scan bolted connections so that preventive maintenance can be safely performed without exposing the operator to live bus. We supply complete documentation that helps facilities identify the locations of bolted connections in the eSTS schematic, as well as images that identify what healthy bolted connections should look like.

eSTS Contains No Single Point-Of-Failure

Triple Modular Redundancy Reliability

The Series 70: eSTS Static Transfer Switch is designed with Triple Modular Redundant architecture, so that a failure of any component on any board will not compromise the critical load. Every logical machine segment of the eSTS Static Transfer Switch is powered with triple redundant power supplies and signals via fiber optic connectors. Designed for applications for mission-critical requirements, LayerZero Static Transfer Switches enabled with Triple Modular Redundancy provide reliability that is 10x higher than alternative products.

With appropriate and timely service and maintenance the TMR System can be Renewed to maintain virtually 100% probability of mission success. Triple Modular Redundancy is a proven topology in various life safety and mission critical systems across the industrial landscape. TMR STS are ideally suited when reliability simply cannot be compromised in single cord or dual cord power systems.

Triple Modular Redundancy, a proper noun, is a based on proven statistics and stringent mathematics. There are similar sounding terms like, tri- or triple- redundant, used in industry to describe other STS products – but they simply do not yield the same, high level of reliability. LayerZero is the only provider of the benefits of TMR in power distribution systems.

LayerZero Power Systems Is An Innovator in Static Transfer Switch Technology

• First to introduce Triple Modular Redundant design
• First to introduce real-time Waveform Capture
• First to introduce Triple Digital Signal Processors
• First to introduce Dynamic Phase Compensation technology for out-of-phase transfers
• First to introduce Voice Guided Bypass Procedure

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